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Here are a few things that you should know, and may answer some of the questions you have. A little about us…..We recommend starting well before your interview call with our program when possible. Getting started early will ensure you’re prepared when the call comes and will virtually eliminate interview prep stress that tends to build up inside the window between the call and the interview; all that you will need to do at that point is sign up for your top off (airline specific) interview (final prep before the interview) and get into a refresher webinar (also airline specific). Our program does not expire, and webinars and seminars are available to you at an unlimited rate. It is for these reasons we recommend getting started early, and participating often. Interview Success Package is $495 for a lifetime membership and you have access to the following:

  • 4 hour audio course – required prior to seminar/webinar (COMPLETE BEFORE SEMINAR/WEBINAR)
  • 6 hour video course – required prior to seminar/webinar (COMPLETE BEFORE SEMINAR/WEBINAR)
  • Unlimited seminars (live & online) (Schedule these on our site asap) (add event ticket (free) to your cart and CHECK OUT to register)
  • Airline specific top-offs – (sign up early, schedule seminar/webinar first (Schedule TOP OFF as soon as you have an interview for 3-5 days prior to your interview)
  • Full CRM exercise training – (video in Member Courseware area)
  • Dedicated CRM (SBI, LOI, TSA) Practice Sessions (Schedule ASAP on our site! These fill quickly!)

Our course is designed as a proven 3 step process:

1. Complete audio and video academics (about 10 hours)

2. Attend at least one seminar or webinar (sign up ASAP, these fill quickly)

3. Schedule a top-off (sign up ASAP!)





Why you should start early:

The great thing about starting early with this package is that you have lifetime unlimited access. You only pay the $495 once and have the opportunity to attend as many seminars and webinars as you would like. It is best to get started early, so you can really utilize all the services that we offer. You have time to work on polishing your strengths and honing your weaknesses. It is best to do this in a methodical way, rather than have to rush or cram to prep once you have an interview scheduled. The more you practice with Emerald Coast, the better prepared you are when you are in the actual interview situation. Practice = confidence!

We have online webinars and in person seminars, and they both cover the same material. The in person seminars run from 8:30am to 5:30pm. The online webinars are approximately 4 hours long at various times each week. (It is a very similar format to Skype. For a free tutorial about webinars, visit

What to expect:

At the beginning of the seminar, the lead counselor takes roll, then will inquire about target airlines and upcoming interviews. Clients are then divided into breakout groups so that they can observe and participate in like-type situational interviews. Each Emerald Coast pilot counselor does this differently. Some use – critique, question – critique. Other counselors ask multi-questions, then critique. You will have a chance to work on your introduction, and hypothetical situations will be covered. You will receive feedback and have a chance to watch others do the same. At the end of the webinar, you are able to stay logged in and spend time with the Emerald Coast counselor for Q & A if you so desire.

Our recommendation is to view the academics twice (or more if you can), attend as many seminars as you can, and request a top-off for about a week prior to your scheduled interview.

Other resources:

An Application Review is RECOMMENDED FOR ALL APPLICANTS: Emerald Coast has a partnership with Charlie Venema and his team at, offering resume and application review services to Emerald Coast customers.

You can purchase the resume review product on our website, and then schedule a one-on-one GoToMeeting to discuss the layout and context of your resume with Charlie. Every Pilot Resume Review comes with a free one time follow up meeting.

With the $275 application review service, the CheckedandSet staff will do a detailed review of your application, offer suggestions for improvements, then go over your application with you in a detailed web meeting. For this price, you get two applications reviewed, one in each platform: Pilot Credentials and Airline Apps.

If you are purchasing an app review or resume review, after payment is made on the Emerald Coast website you should then proceed directly to site to schedule your service. The scheduling tool looks at your availability for a period of time from 24 hours out to 30 days. Once a date is selected, the appointment is booked, a GoToMeeting is scheduled, and an email confirmation is sent. The actual app review process takes about an hour with a counselor.

We are extremely proud of our program that is dedicated to the HR Panel interview. Combining your prep efforts with Emerald Coast and is a great way to enhance your complete presentation! We are looking forward to the opportunity to help you reach your dreams! Still have questions? Sign up below for a free 10 minute consultation with one of our team members.