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Pilot Interview Prep

  • 10hr Video Course/Audio Course
  • Unlimited Seminars (Live & Online)
  • Airline Specific Top-offs
  • Full CRM exercise training
  • Industry Blogs
  • Money back guarantee*

Pilot Interview Prep – “Interview Success Package”

Our program is designed to help you become a better communicator and prepare you to succeed in your interview with confidence. Our course involves reviewing pre-consultation audio and video academics, working in person or online with our staff, and then taking the necessary time required for you to learn and practice your interview skills. Simply put, there is no better way to get ready for your interview. Our success rate with clients we meet face to face has been outstanding. The ability to coach and critique both verbal and non-verbal communication provides the highest level of instruction and gives you the best training for your time and money. Your commitment with Emerald Coast will involve some time and work on your part. Our course is organized as follows:

  • Pre-consultation Audio and Video Academics: Once signed up, your membership gives you access to the preparation, course where we will provide detailed instruction and coaching for succeeding at your particular interview. You can review these academics again as required.
  • Live (or Online) Seminars: Attending a seminar builds on the academics covered in the online course and adds additional information and communication strategies. The majority of the seminar is spent practicing interview skills with our counselors. For your convenience, we offer both live and online seminar training sessions. Our credo is “once a client, always a client.” You can attend as many seminars as you would like, and we urge you to take advantage of both the live and online training formats.
  • Top Off: Finally–when you get a firm interview date our team will follow up with a 1-1.5 hour top off over the phone to help you put that final polish on your presentation.

The total time investment in the full course is 12-15 hours, and the results are worth the effort.

In addition to the interview training, your membership will include access to trip reports, blogs, and other information related to hiring available on your iPhone or iPad via the mobile-ready website and soon via the Emerald Coast iPhone app.

If you simply cannot attend a live or online seminar, we have a limited number of phone preparation slots. You will receive the same pre-course study materials we provide for our seminars. Once you have completed your home study, we will then schedule a complete mock interview with one of our counselors.

We want to see you succeed. Our course has the industry’s only money back guarantee. If you aren’t hired, we will give you a full refund*.

Additional Services

Pilot Interview Prep

  • 10hr Audio/Video
  • Unlimited Seminars (Live & Online)
  • Airline Specific Top-offs
  • Full CRM exercise training
  • Top-off with trained CRM facilitator

CRM Exercise Training

  • 1hr Audio/Video
  • Industry Blogs
  • SBI/LOI Practice Session

Application Review

  • Application Review
  • Online Debrief

Initial Consultation

  • Free 10 min consultation