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“I have been a client at Emerald Coast for approx 4 months. I would like to thank you and your incredible staff for helping me with my career. Yesterday, both Southwest and FedEx offered me a CJO and I owe it all to Emerald Coast. I have been and will be referring all my friends and co-workers to Emerald Coast because you were definitively the difference during my interviews. I cannot say enough great things about your company and your staff. I am truly grateful.”

“Thank you so much for all of your guidance at the in-person seminar a month ago in ATL, and for your handiwork during my top-off just over a week ago. Your honesty, assistance, and constructive criticism was very helpful. I also really appreciated your vote of confidence in me! Thank you for helping to build me up before sending me in for my big day!”

“I was initially skeptical of a program which consisted primarily of online audio and video files, but I followed the instructions and did the homework suggested by your program. There was definitely some work involved on my part and I did not feel initially comfortable verbalizing my ‘stories’ out loud,  yet I continued to practice and found ways to fine-tune the things I wanted to say. My online seminar (October) with your counselors and the other clients was invaluable practice as we took turns going through the “hot seat”. The constructive feedback from your counselors was exactly what we needed and I appreciated the support and encouragement that all three counselors provided to our group; they really made us feel as if the airlines we wanted were ours to have!”

“I’ve never felt so prepared for an interview and the final result was a job offer from United Airlines starting in January! I truly believe your program made a difference in the outcome of my interview and it’s thanks to the people at Emerald Coast.”

“Thank you very much for the time you spent helping me prepare. Friends that I know at Southwest didn’t use an interview prep company for their interview and discouraged it. However, I was very thankful that I used ECIC. It gave me the tools, practice, and confidence that I needed to be successful.”

“The ECIC team really allowed me to structure answers to a variety of questions and determine over a 20+ year aviation career situations that would best describe what kind of pilot and person I am. The prep has allowed me to go into the interview with confidence which helped ensure stress did not get in the way of the board getting to know me.”