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Become a better communicator and enter your interview with confidence. Our experienced counselors will guide you every step of the way.

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It’s never too early to get started. Our most successful clients begin preparing early and take advantage of our unlimited live training sessions where you have endless opportunities to practice real interview questions and get live feedback from our expert coaches.

You can use our services for as many airline interviews as you secure during your career. Plus, get access to all future improvements we make to the course materials, making Emerald Coast Interview Consulting the best value pilot interview preparation course available. 

World Class Instructors

Unlimited Access

Money Back Guarantee

Unmatched Success Rates

World Class Instructors

Money Back Guarantee

Unlimited Access

Unmatched Success Rates

Our Process

Audio & Video Academics

Your mentorship gives you access to over 4 hours of detailed instruction and coaching for succeeding at your particular interview.

Unlimited Small Group Coaching

Answer actual pilot interview questions and receive feedback from one of our expert coaches. This small group atmosphere allows you to observe others, benefiting from the responses they give.

1:1 Top Off

After you have a firm interview date, you will attend a 1.5-hour top-off with one of our counselors, who will help you put the final polish on your presentation.

Specialty Training

Be prepared for situational based interviews with additional courseware that will prepare you for the CRM portion of the interview.


Schedule a free consultation with a member of our team.

There is no better way to prepare for your interview.

We have a proven track record of success with over 20 years in airline interview preparation.  Our ability to coach and critique both verbal and non-verbal communication provides you with the highest level of instruction and gives you the best training possible.

Our Pilot Interview Prep course is unlimited and never expires. Plus, we are so confident in our ability to get you hired that we offer the industry’s only money-back guarantee.



“I have been a client at Emerald Coast for approx 4 months. I would like to thank you and your incredible staff for helping me with my career. Yesterday, both Southwest and FedEx offered me a CJO and I owe it all to Emerald Coast. I have been and will be referring all my friends and co-workers to Emerald Coast because you were definitively the difference during my interviews. I cannot say enough great things about your company and your staff. I am truly grateful.”

“Thank you so much for all of your guidance at the in-person seminar a month ago in ATL, and for your handiwork during my top-off just over a week ago. Your honesty, assistance, and constructive criticism was very helpful. I also really appreciated your vote of confidence in me! Thank you for helping to build me up before sending me in for my big day!”

“I’ve never felt so prepared for an interview and the final result was a job offer from United Airlines starting in January! I truly believe your program made a difference in the outcome of my interview and it’s thanks to the people at Emerald Coast.”

“I’ve never felt so prepared for an interview and the final result was a job offer from United Airlines starting in January! I truly believe your program made a difference in the outcome of my interview and it’s thanks to the people at Emerald Coast.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose emerald coast?

Emerald Coast Interview Consulting has been in the business of helping our clients reach their career goals since 2002.  Our dedicated team of more than 40 Pilot and Human Relations coaches has an exceptional track record for success. 

An airline career is worth millions of dollars, and airline interviews are often once in a lifetime opportunity. Working with a professional can help provide you with the extra poise, confidence, and communication skills that you need to be successful. We also have dedicated CRM training for specific carriers that utilize this exercise as part of the interview. 

Our program has helped more than 20,000 pilots successfully secure jobs in our industry. Our focus, however, is always on you—our next client.  We are so confident that twenty years after we started, we still offer the industry’s only money-back guarantee.  We are confident we can help you.  Call us and let’s discuss how we can help you reach your dream job!

Are there any in-person training sessions, or is it all online?

Emerald Coast started as a Seminar based program where you would sign up for a weekend conference training event held in various cities throughout the year.

Due to public health concerns, in 2020, we have relied primarily on live online sessions that you can attend from the comfort of your own home. 

While you are not in the same physical room as your coach, you still receive the same live, interactive training in these live sessions.

In time, the in-person training sessions may return. We have already conducted a few in Hawaii, and our admin team is determining the route forward regarding potential future events. 

Do you have exclusive training program packages for specific airlines?

Our program is designed to allow for airline specific coaching based on each individual client’s needs. The foundations we teach apply to all airlines. Your coach will plan your training based on the airline you are targeting. You will be in some classes with clients who are targeting different companies, but your training will be tailored to your needs.

We do offer some airline specific training classes. Once you have started working with your coach, you can check with them to make sure you have been through every class for your target airline. 

Should I do the Application Review before starting the Pilot Interview Prep?

Our Application Review gives you professional insight into how best to represent yourself, your accomplishments, and your ambitions.

Without publishing your applications, you are likely not going to be invited to an interview. For this reason, we recommend submitting your applications early and that you immediately begin your Pilot Interview Prep course.

Preparing early is the key to success. 


What is the money back guarantee?

Emerald Coast Interview Consulting offers the only money back guarantee in the industry.   We stand behind you and are confident that our program and approach will help get you hired.   We don’t make money if you don’t win, and are willing to put our skin in the game to prove it.  Our goal is to differentiate our product and demonstrate unmatched accountability to our clients.

We offer this guarantee because we are confident in our program and its proven results!  Please understand the difference between a guarantee and a refund.  We do not issue refunds after a purchase is made. This is not a “try it and see if you like it” program.  What we offer is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you complete our program and are not hired.  Before you purchase, we are glad to discuss the program in detail to make sure it is the right fit for you.  Please review our refund policy for specific details.  

    How does your refund policy work?

    We will refund your purchase if you complete our course and are subsequently turned down for employment based on your interview performance.  Our goal is to differentiate our product and demonstrate unmatched accountability to our clients.

    That accountability requires the client to do their part as well.  To qualify, you must begin our program at least 30 days before the interview. You are a client for life at Emerald Coast, and part of the reason for that promise is getting ready early has proven to be the single best predictor of success at your interview.  You need time to prepare for the many facets of these complex interviews.

    We expect you to make a commitment to your training.  We will refund your purchase if you complete our course and are subsequently turned down for employment based on your interview performance. Completing the course means completing the online academics, attending at least three rapid fire training sessions, and a top off at least 48 hours prior to your interview. Additionally, we require you to have fully and completely discussed with us any negative items on your application and disclose these on the application before you are scheduled for your interview.

    For interviews with CRM events, we require you to attend at least one CRM training event to qualify for any refund.  Additionally, we require you to have fully and completely discussed any negative items on your application and disclose these on the application before you are scheduled for your interview.  We cannot help you deal with these issues if you withhold this type of information.

    We will not provide refunds under these conditions:

    1. Program was not started at least 30 days prior to the target interview
    2. Failure to complete any of the required training sections
    3. Decisions made for any reason—personal or professional—to not use the product. Sales are final at the time of purchase. Intellectual property like music and software cannot be returned once you’ve downloaded it online. Our product is similarly not returnable.
    4. Failure to disclose any damaging information on your application prior to being called for an interview.
    5. Failure due to knowledge testing, simulator evaluation, psychological tests, or any area not specifically covered by the Emerald Coast training program.

    Emerald Coast has helped more than 20,000 pilots successfully get hired. Refunds and rejections are fortunately rare. We strive to be fair and stand behind our product and our reputation. We respectfully ask our clients to also meet their obligations in how they prepare for these airline opportunities.  If you are willing to do the work—we are confident you will be successful.

    How is the program structured?

    Our program starts with a comprehensive set of online academics you can review at your leisure.  The academics offer detailed strategies for understanding the components of your interview and how to structure your answers in ways that play to your strengths.  The online core course is about 3.5 hours, but there are optional and archived academics you can review as your interest and schedule allow.

    Next—you will attend an online webinar, where you’ll get some additional training and exposure to some live questions and answers to tie together what you’ve learned. You may attend as many of these as you like.  Webinars typically are 4-5 hours and are offered multiple times during each week.

    The next block of training are Rapid-Fires—question and answer practice is a small group setting. These sessions are designed to be a safe and supportive environment for you to get practice and learn from some of the best Human Relation coaches in the business.  These sessions last 2.5 hours, and you can attend as many as you’d like.  These are typically offered multiple times a day MondaySaturday, and are seat limited to allow each interviewee to get plenty of participation.  We urge you to do as many of these as it takes to get comfortable and confident with your presentation.

    CRM Training events teach you how to navigate the complicated Line Oriented Interview or Situation Based Interview events in vogue at several major airlines.  Our instructors will guide you through a systematic approach to dealing with these scenarios, offering you the tools you need to successfully complete these exercises with ease.  Training for these events is offered several times each week, and the events typically last 3-5 hours depending on group size.  You may audit as many of these as you wish, but we try to limit active participation to clients with a scheduled interview at one of the airlines using these interviews.

    The Technical Skill Assessment Review is an event we offer that is not mandatory, but often highly appreciated by our clients. This is a 2.5 hour review of some of the technical questions that are asked by

    Finally—you’ll schedule a “Top Off”, or one on one training session with one of our coaches.  Each coach is familiar with your interview and will focus on preparing you for that big day.  These sessions typically run 75-120 minutes.  By the time you get to this point in our program you are likely very close to ready.  If we don’t think you are ready—we’ll tell you—and get you the additional training you need.  You can select your Top Off by selecting which airline you are interview at and selecting from a range of times our coaches offer.  We pride ourselves on a deep bench and plenty of availability—we’ll be here when you need us.

    How "up to date" is the training material?

    We are very selective about the coaches we have on our team. The majority of our coaches are active or retired pilots, many with 20+ years of experience.

    Throughout the program, we will pair you up with a coach who has experience with, and stays up to date on the latest trends for the airline with which you are pursuing a career.

    Do you offer any individualized one on one training?

    Yes! After you have completed the online academics, live group training sessions, and have scheduled an interview with your target airline, you will have the opportunity to schedule a one on one “top-off” with one of our experienced coaches. 

    This is included with your lifetime membership in our Pilot Interview Prep course. 

    These trainings are meant to gauge how prepared you are, test your hypothetical answering skills, your ability to introduce yourself, and to explain why you are interviewing with your target airline. 

    I have an upcoming interview, can I do the training in less than 30 days?

    Yes! Our program is designed to allow a new client to begin training as soon as you sign up.

    The online material is there for you to start reviewing, and our ability to help you largely depends on your schedule flexibility. The more you engage with us, the more we can help you.

    We offer around 170 training events monthly to ensure there are classes every day of the week excluding Sundays. You can schedule your classes as soon as you know your available dates. Even if you have not completed the online material, we trust you will get through the videos before the class.

    We always guarantee a 90 minute one on one Top Off pilot coach mentoring session. Even if one does not show on the calendar, all you have to do is contact us at 850-774-6712, and we will arrange a meeting for you.

    What is your success ratio?

    We have averaged an overall success rate of around 85%. Our military clients typically average above 94%.

    How do I pay?

    We accept ALL major credit and debit cards for purchase.

    How do I schedule a training event?

    There is a section inside each program where you can schedule a training event for your training program.

    You can log into your purchased program by going to https://programs.emeraldcoastinterviewconsulting.com/login 

    There you will find links to schedule webinars, rapid fires, United Airlines technical skill assessment reviews (UA-TSAs), CRM Training events, and top-offs with our staff.