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Pilot Consultants

Clay Ten Eyck

Clay spent 12 years as a pilot in the Air Force flying the T-6A, T-44A, and AC-130 gunships.  He Clay successfully completed nine combat deployments during that time to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  Clay made the decision to pursue a commercial flying career in early 2020.  He flew for a major passenger carrier for a year and a half before transitioning to his current pilot position as a first officer with a major cargo carrier.  Clay is also a member of the Air Force Reserves flying the C-130.  He joined the Emerald Coast team as a pilot consultant in 2021.

Daniel Vogel

Dan has accumulated more than 13,000 flight hours both in the United States and in Europe, where he is now flying as Captain on the  Boeing 737 for a major European Airline. He graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical  University with an MBA in Aviation Management, and from City, University of London with a PhD in  Air Transport and Safety Management.  Dan used the services of Emerald Coast in 2016 to prepare for a successful interview with Southwest Airlines.  He joined the consulting team at ECIC in 2021.

Dennis Delaney

Dennis Delaney is a retired Air Force F-15 pilot and retired Southwest Captain. He currently resides in Panama City, FL as well as Dothan, AL with his wife Pam.  He has two daughters (one of which also flies for the Air Force) and a grandson.  He has been with ECIC since August of 2021.

Harmon Lewis

Harmon retired from the USAF with 24 years of service in various assignments, flying the T-37 and C-17.   Additionally, Harmon earned a Master of Science in Joint Campaign Planning and Strategy at the Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia, and a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies at the US Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island. Since retiring from the Air Force, Harmon has flown for two major airlines in the Airbus A-319/320/321 and Boeing 757. He began consulting with Emerald Coast in 2021.

Jack Reape

Jack spent 27 years in a Navy Cockpit flying the SH-3, C-12, C-130 and C-40.  After leaving military service, he spent two years as a civilian contractor flying over Afghanistan. Jack attended an Emerald Coast Seminar in 2012 and was ultimately hired by several major airlines. He has been a member of the Emerald Coast team since 2013.

Jay Moss

Jay Moss was born and raised in Grecia Costa Rica.  He enlisted in the Air Force after high school, eventually becoming a commissioned officer and pilot, flying the T-6 and KC-135.  After separating from the Air Force, Jay pursued his final career goal of becoming an airline pilot. As an Emerald Coast client, Jay successfully interviewed at four major airlines in the United States earning a Conditional Job Offer from each. He is currently a captain at a legacy carrier flying the A320.  Jay also holds a Masters of Science in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Jay joined the Emerald Coast team as a pilot consultant in 2017.

Joel Kent

Joel retired from the Navy after 8 years as an enlisted sailor and 13 years as a commissioned officer and aviator. Additionally, while active duty, he attended the Naval Postgraduate School’s distance learning systems engineering program and earned a Master of Science degree.  Joel used Emerald Coast Interview Consulting services to secure job offers with three different airlines.  He is currently a captain with a legacy carrier.

Kyle Jason

Kyle Jason is a retired Naval Aviator and current First Officer for a major legacy airline with over 25 years of military, commercial and general aviation experience. He bagan consulting with ECIC in 2021 after interviewing with and receiving conditional job offers from multiple legacy airlines and cargo carriers using our consulting services.

Nate Spurr

Nate joined Emerald Coast as a pilot consultant in 2022. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering, he served on active duty for 22 years in the United States Navy as both an F-14 Tomcat and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet pilot. During his military service, he earned Master of Science degrees in Systems Engineering and Joint Campaign Planning and Strategy, as well as an EMBA. Nate was offered employment by five different airlines using Emerald Coast Interview Consulting services and is currently a 737 Captain with a legacy carrier. In his free time, Nate also flies as an instructor pilot teaching advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) in the Extra 300.

Scot Berk

Scot is an Air Force veteran who has served in a variety of operational and support positions throughout his career flying the C-5, C-12 and C-37, earning eight Air Medals amongst other awards and medals. Scot also served a year in Iraq as an advisor and instructor pilot in the C-172. C-208, and AC-208 to aid the Iraqi Air Force in their effort to stand up Iraq’s first pilot training program in over two decades. After 13 years of active duty Scot transitioned from active duty to the Air Force reserves where he continues to serve. When Scot left active duty, he attended an Emerald Coast Seminar and credits their system for his successful airline career. He has over eight years of airline experience, 14 months with a major carrier flying the E190. He then was hired by a legacy carrier where he flew the 757/767 before upgrading to Captain on the 737. He also represents his fellow pilots as a representative for his pilot union.

Skylor Helm

Skylor Helm is a former USAF fighter pilot and is currently a First Officer for a major cargo airline with over 16 years of military, commercial and general aviation experience.  He joined ECIC as a consultant in 2022 after using their services as a client to land his dream job.

Steve Dowd

Steve spent 21 years in the military, with the US Navy, Navy Reserve and Air National Guard before fully retiring in 2019.  He was hired by a major carrier in 2005 and presently flies the 787.  Steve began consulting with Emerald Coast in 2021.

Steve Irvine

Steve joined Emerald Coast in 2022. He spent over 26 years in the United States Navy where he flew the T-34C, T-44A, P-3C and C-130T.  Steve was hired by a legacy airline in 1998 and has flown the B-737 and B- 777 during his commercial flight career.

Theresa Nelson

Theresa Nelson has been flying airplanes since high school.   She has served as an Aircraft Dispatcher, Flight School Manager, and a Pilot Recruiter.  Theresa joined ECIC as a consultant in 2021 after using their services as a client to land her final job at a major airline.

HR Consultants

Amy Smith

Amy joined the Emerald Coast team in 2022.  With a background in professional counseling, she brings a strong set of communication, active listening, and interpersonal skills to the program, as well as a desire to help others reach their professional goals. As the wife of a commercial pilot, she also understands the unique challenges associated with aviation interviews and is equipped to help clients navigate those challenges.  She loves working with people and helping them learn to highlight their own skills needed for success. 

Brittany Greer

Brittany Greer has been a rated commercial pilot for nearly 20 years flying both fixed-wing and rotary. Her aviation career brings a diverse range of experience to Emerald Coast with a background that includes time as an A&P apprentice mechanic, a DoD contract flight instructor for international military pilots to currently being the owner of a flight school. As a proud military veteran wife, she’s also had the privilege of successfully mentoring dozens of aspiring aviators to Air Force pilot boards and looks forward to bringing her expertise to Emerald Coast.

Felecia Ten Eyck

Joining Emerald Coast in 2021, Felecia Ten Eyck brings personal and professional experience to the table. With a background in Organizational Psychology, Felecia has always strived to help people align their professional goals to where they work. Throughout her career in higher education and recruitment she has honed her skills at delivering a high-level of success in competitive markets. She also understands from the family perspective all the hard work it takes to get here— her husband successfully used Emerald Coast for his prep. Now she is grateful to bring her skills to Emerald Coast and help pilots achieve their goals.

Greg Proffit, Ed. D

Gregory Max Proffit, “Dr. P”, is a veteran public school principal, professional interview coach, and lifelong learner. Dr. P holds practitioner degrees from The University of Wyoming – B.A., Elementary Education; The University of Texas at Austin – M.Ed., School Administration; and Utah State University – Ed.D, Educational Leadership. Greg designs engaging sessions to provide clients with the confidence to communicate clearly. Greg has been part of the Emerald Coast team since 2016.

Lisa Bridges

Lisa Bridges brings to Emerald Coast over 37 years experience in the airline industry.  She spent 25 years as a flight attendant at a legacy airline.  Her versatile strengths led her to the classroom as well, facilitating crew resource training programs.  Today, she still remains committed to the airline industry, working with new hire compliance and flight attendant interviews at the same legacy carrier she began her career in many years ago.  Lisa joined Emerald Coast in 2021.

Mary Ward

Mary’s professional experience ranges from the legal industry to Education. She has a degree in Criminal Justice, worked for a time as a certified Paralegal, and spent several years as an educator at Gulf Coast Community College.  She has been a member of the Emerald Coast team since 2010 and serves as the senior HR Coach on staff.

Melanie Moye

Melanie Moye, has over 30 years in the airline industry.  She began her career as a flight attendant at a legacy airline.  During her time there, she worked in training, both flight attendants and pilots, as well as hiring.  She has spent several years in education and working in human resources.  Melanie joined Emerald Coast as a counselor in 2021, and enjoys her time preparing others for the next steps in their careers. 

Stacie Frost

Stacie Frost has helped hundreds of clients land their dream jobs, with years of experience in the intermountain west as a case manager, higher education employment center consultant and member of the management team with the Department of Workforce Services.  From identifying training needs to polishing resume and interview skills, her clients have been able to reach their goals in aviation, the tech sector, manufacturing, skilled trades, education and more.  She knows that having the right skill set for the job involves more than just meeting the qualifications.  Getting clients into fighting shape for new opportunities is her specialty.

Susan Eaton

Susan has worked in marketing and management, and while advancing her career and raising a family, she earned a BS in Marketing and an MBA from the University of Utah. Susan has participated in and conducted many interviews on both sides of the table. Likewise, she has been involved in and has led recruiting and hiring efforts, events, major presentations and sales meetings. Emerald Coast allows Susan to blend her passion for helping people achieve their potential and her commitment to preparation, perseverance and presentation with Emerald Coast’s tried-and-true philosophy of success!