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An airline career is worth millions of dollars, and airline interviews are often once in a lifetime opportunities. Working with a professional can help provide you with the extra poise, confidence, and communication skills you need to be successful. Plenty of people have successfully interviewed without any professional help, but we are here to offer no-risk help to those who want to help insure they make the most of their opportunity.
We offer a refund for several reasons. First, we want all of our clients to understand we stand behind them, and that when we say “you are ready!” that we actually mean it. We don’t make money if you don’t win, so clients take the confidence in the door that we are 100% convinced they are ready. Second, there are plenty of companies in the airline preparation business who for years have charged high membership fees and additional fees for add on services. Our goal was to differentiate our product and demonstrate unmatched accountability to our clients.
Our seminars typically start around 0815-0830 and last all day. Once you sign up, you will be provided with almost 4 hours of online training and 4 hours of video to review before the seminar. These academics cover interview mechanics, how to structure an effective answer, strategies for commonly asked questions, and interactive CRM exercises. At the seminar, we’ll go over some additional academics and prepare you for your individual interview. We will spend most of the day in mock interviews and exercises. It is a full day but invaluable training that provides a realistic representation of the stress you will face on your interview.
We are available to follow up one on one with you on the phone once you get your interview set. These “top off” sessions will allow you to tailor what you have learned in the classroom and in practice. We can hone in on airline specific questions and any problems or concerns you have with your particular work history.
To sign up and get instant access to your membership course academics, simply add the course or product you are interested in to the shopping cart. When you are ready checkout use a major credit card for payment. Once you have purchased your prep course you will receive an email with your username and password. You now have access to the Member’s Section of our website. When you are ready to sign up for the seminar you wish to attend, proceed to the events page and “buy” a free ticket for the event you are interested in–its that simple.
Business casual is recommended. There is no need to wear your interview suit, however some clients have done this to get more comfortable in their new attire. However, you will be working hard all day so dress comfortably.
Balance of seminar payment is due when you reserve a slot at one of our events. If for some reason you need to cancel the payment can be applied to other seminars.
Simply put–just ask who will be there. Our counselors rotate between venues frequently and often work together at our larger sessions, but if you want to work with a particular counselor we will let you know when and where they will be working. All our counselors are highly trained professionals and our program is basically the same regardless of who is teaching. However, just as you have had favorite flight instructors, you may have a favorite counselor. If you have the time, we might recommend attending several seminars so you can work with several of us and gain perspective from several instructors. (Again–there is no charge for attending additional sessions)
We offer a two part preparation course that has proven extremely effective. The first portion of the course is a comprehensive series of academics that are available on our website. Once completed the second part is a mock interview tailored to your particular interview.
You can let us know either the day of the seminar or by phone or email prior to our meeting, and we’ll make sure we have the time in private to discuss any issues of concern. More than likely your concerns are problems we have already heard and addressed effectively in the past.
We do not provide any proprietary company information, nor do we provide any insider information or influence at our respective airline employers. We cannot and will not provide any recommendations or job internal referrals to prospective clients.
Sometimes a client may have a past civil involvement, accident or incident, or a pattern of checkride troubles. While any of these events are not inherently disqualifying, in this tough market employers can be picky. As a general rule, a single civil involvement or non-judicial punishment (for military) is not the end of the world. A few busted checkrides are something that occurs sometimes in this industry. However, a pattern of recent troubles, either in or out of the cockpit, can sometimes raise employer concerns. Helping you address those concerns is one of our specialties. Additionally, no interview is perfect. Your ability to “click” with your particular interviewer(s) may be affected by that particular interviewer’s background, perception, or physical and mental state on the day of your interview. We have an over 85% success rate, and if you factor out some of the complicating factors like checkride issues our success rate is well above 90%.
We have averaged an overall success rate of around 85%. Our military clients typically average above 90%.
Contact our office for recent references. We have helped literally hundreds of pilots at the Legacies, Southwest, Jetblue, and FedEx. We have helped dozens at UPS, Virgin, Atlas, and of other carriers.
We have helped thousands of pilots, including regional pilots, military pilots, corporate pilots, and pilots furloughed from other companies. We are glad to provide references.
We will gladly provide a refund if you are not hired. Many of our clients who were not successful at one airline have not requested a refund, but instead have requested our help for subsequent interviews. Either way we are glad to help and stand behind our service.
Not all of our clients want the full course, and feel they are well prepared for their respective interviews. However, we have had clients ask us in the past if they could simply purchase the CRM portion of our training program. While we suggest doing the whole program, for those clients who want help with this section we are glad to provide the training. One of our instructors spent over ten years interviewing at a major cargo carrier that used this CRM exercise as part of their interview process, and our counselors are prepared to walk you through several scenarios to make sure you nail this portion of the process.
The money back guarantee only applies if you do the full course. We urge our clients to invest in themselves and do the complete program. We have had literally thousands of pilots get hired after successfully completing our program, and we stand behind our product. If you prefer to just use a part of the program, we appreciate your business and want to offer you a solid product. We are willing to “put skin in the game” if you are willing to put forth the effort to do the program. However, we will not refund those who do not complete the full program.
Only members who are signed into the website will be able to purchase a ticket to a seminar event. The price is included in your initial membership so the cost will be “free”. If you are a member, please sign in and complete your event purchase. If you are not yet a member and would like to attend the event, please purchase the Pilot Interview Prep package.
This error is usually the result of your billing address for the credit card, not matching the address that you entered. Check the make sure you entered your billing address so that it matches what is on file with your credit card company. If you continue to have an issue contact our customer support at (850) 774-6712 or emeraldinterview@aol.com.