All Airlines: Climb Via/Descend Via/Speed Clearances/FAQ

Introduction The following guidance material was developed by the Pilot/Controller Procedures and Systems Integration (PCPSI) Work Group, sponsored by the Performance-Based Aviation Operations Rulemaking Committee (PARC), as a collaborative effort between the following aviation stakeholders: Federal Aviation Administration FAA Air Traffic Organization FAA Flight Standards National Air Traffic Controllers Association National Business Aviation Association MITRE [...]

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Welcome to ECIC!

Hello, I’m Aaron Hagan from Emerald Coast Interview Consulting. Thank you very much for visiting our site and the privilege of serving you. Since we started teaching this course back in 2002, I’ve always been impressed with the caliber, the credentials, and the quality of the people that come through our training program. Since we’ve [...]

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Fini-Flight was magic. After 3-4 days of rain and overcast I went to work with clear skies and a post cold front north breeze that cleared the vis to 50+ miles... Drove in alone in my truck. Had a lot of time to think about what the day would bring... First stop was the briefing [...]

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