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Welcome to ECIC!

Hello, I’m Aaron Hagan from Emerald Coast Interview Consulting. Thank you very much for visiting our site and the privilege of serving you. Since we started teaching this course back in 2002, I’ve always been impressed with the caliber, the credentials, and the quality of the people that come through our training program. Since we’ve [...]

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Pen Light Test Description

Delta is very similar to NWA in that if you get invited and you pass the test, you are in there. The first set of tests are the job knowledge ones that are now 50 questions in 50 minutes, and 8 questions in 8 minutes. They are easy and straight out of the gouge. You [...]

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Avoiding Square Corners…

In fighter aviation, a “square corner” is a position where you find yourself unable to make a required max performance turn, usually because you are out of airspeed and energy, grossly out of position, or at too high of an energy state to make a tight turn. The way to avoid a square corner while [...]

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Fini-Flight was magic. After 3-4 days of rain and overcast I went to work with clear skies and a post cold front north breeze that cleared the vis to 50+ miles... Drove in alone in my truck. Had a lot of time to think about what the day would bring... First stop was the briefing [...]

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Timing your exit…

I've helped hundreds of military pilots make the transition to the exits over the last eight years, and thought I'd share my 2 cents on some suggestions. Watching quite a few military aviators make some (what I consider) mistakes I decided rather than venting to specific pilots I'd throw some shots out into cyberspace. Rule [...]

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01. Getting to and from your interview

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