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Online pilot applications can be confusing. How you complete your application speaks volumes about your potential for an interview. Missing information, misrepresented information, or other details may cause a hiring representative to simply move on to the next candidate. Let us help you make sure that you are presenting yourself accurately to perspective employers.

In early 2015, we began a partnership with, offering this service at a discount to ECIC users. The CheckedandSet staff will do a detailed review of your application, offer suggestions for improvements, then go over your application with you in a dedicated web meeting. Give us the opportunity to help you put your best application in front of the airline hiring teams. Our experience in helping over 8000 clients will help your application stand out and highlight your strengths and capabilities.

What CheckedandSet will do:

Checkedandset is ready to provide you with access to professional insight and advice on how to best represent yourself, your accomplishments, and your ambitions in this very competitive aviation marketplace. Founded by former major airline hiring manager Captain Charlie Venema, we work together to make sure that your applications are accurate and reflect your accomplishments effectively.

How it works:

The Checkedandset process is simple, you select the Application Review service and schedule a session via their online availability tool. Be ready to attach your application(s) so that they can look at them in advance of your time together.

These meetings are done online via a GoToMeeting and they will work directly with your provided documents. Internet access is required, and a microphone is helpful, but a call in number will be provided as well. Your Pilot Application Review includes two different company applications and a free one time follow up email check allowing you to publish the best possible representation of yourself.

Our partner:


Charlie-retouched-1Charlie Venema is a 757/767 Captain for a major US Airline and was formerly the manager of pilot hiring for his company. He has reviewed thousands of resumes and applications and was directly responsible for hiring nearly 1,000 mainline pilots. In more than 25 years with the airlines, Charlie has time flying as a Second Officer, First Officer, Captain, and Check Airman. Emerald Coast is pleased to bring these recent, real life airline pilot hiring experiences directly to you.